Westrich RV Park and Campground Rental Agreement

download agreement (PDF file)

I/we agree to rent a seasonal lot at WestRich RV Park for the ______ season. I/we also agree to follow the guidelines as outlined. 

I/we agree to not hold Earl Rich, Dean Westre, or the WestRich LLC responsible for accidents or injuries to ourselves or to our guests that should happen to occur on the campground premises. 

If I/we would choose to renew our lease for the ______ season, we will let you know prior to December 31, _____.

Any violation of the guidelines outlined above can result in immediate eviction and you will forfeit your seasonal rent.

Site Number for ______ season______________

Name (Please Print) _______________________
Date ___________________________________

Your signature ___________________________

Email address___________________________
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Cellular number__________________________

***This is an Enforceable Contract***

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